christopher andersonn


Metaphysics & Spirituality

    There are many ways to change.   There are some ways though, that are more effective than others.  I have found that there is a unique way of working with ourselves that produces profound and lasting change.  It is a combination, a blend, of metaphysics and spirituality. 

    Metaphysics could be defined as a way of looking at the many aspects of who you really are.  For example, you are  physical, and at the same time, parts of you exist beyond the physical.  Using metaphysics can help you get in touch with any part of your consciousness, helping you heal and make changes where needed.  This is particularly effective when you want to work with your subconscious to change limiting beliefs and decisions you have made about love, success, and other things that are inhibiting your life.             

    When you blend spirituality with metaphysics you can expand even further into the depth of healing, love and change.  With spirituality you are bringing more of your Higher Self, Soul, and God/Goddess/AllThatIs into your life.  This can lead to exciting changes and discoveries, especially when it comes to your emotional self.  

    Bringing the richness of metaphysics and spirituality into your life will profoundly effect the way you experience everything, whether it be your job, or your relationships, or just how you feel when you wake up in the morning.


Snippets of My Life

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  Personal Growth through Metaphysics and Spirituality

Taking Charge of Your Life

    When there is conflict in your reality, there is conflict somewhere inside of you.  Whether you recognize the conflict or not, it is there.  If it were not, your reality would be different, one without conflict or pain, or disharmony.

    What you may not know is that conflict, disappointment, or pain, in your life is not something to hide from or deny, rather, it is quite valuable.  It is a personal roadmap telling you what needs attention and healing.

    Most people in the world believe that conflicting circumstances in their relationships, jobs, and families, are caused by the people around them, or by the events that happen to them.  And, they believe there isn’t much they can do about it.  Well, unexpected events do happen.  People can be unloving and hurt you.  Yet, what if you discovered that you could consciously effect what goes on in your life--that you could change your life?  What if you discovered that, in fact, you have always been effecting what goes on in your life, but you just didn’t know it?

    The truth is, you have everything to do with what happens in your life.  Your beliefs, the emotions you feel, the way you think, decisions you have made--particularly early on in your life, all contribute to what is called resonance--your personal energy that you put out into the world.  In many ways, you are like a tuning fork, the vibrating tone of the fork being your resonance.  Any emotional conflicts, unresolved issues, or limiting beliefs that exist in your subconscious (whether you are aware of them or not), create disharmony in your resonance.  This disharmony becomes the tone your tuning fork puts out into the world.  Conversely, when you feel love, happiness, joy, and any of the more expanding emotions, you resonate with harmony, and that becomes the tone you generate into the world.  Whatever signal you put out into the world will come back to you through your reality.  One way or another, it will show up in your relationships, your business, the events in your life, and everything else that you experience.  This is essentially how you create your reality.

    You can take charge of your resonance, of your life, or you can continue to believe it is happening to you.  You can change if you want.  It is your choice.  It is your tuning fork...

The Power of Willingness            


    Change in your life begins when you are willing to change--when you are willing to honestly look at yourself, and ask the question “why”.  Why is my life this way?  Why do my love-relationships go the way they go?  Why do I long for something, yet seem unable to create it?  Why won’t I forgive myself?  Asking “why” begins the process of understanding and discovery that ultimately allows you to take responsibility for your life.

    Being “willing” is a powerful attracter of positive energy.  Magical things can come to you when you are willing--things like help, support, love, and new opportunities.  To change your life, you begin with willingness.  With it, you can move mountains... more importantly, you can move yourself into an entirely new future.